Perfect care for your home

TAC Point is your go-to destination for all cleaning needs. We offer an extensive range of cleaning products, including glass cleaners, dish and laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and disinfectants for both professional and home use. We also provide films, bags, and paper goods to meet your everyday needs. Shop now for a clean and sustainable home!


Best selling

Production of branded products

Provide yourself and your brand with a reliable partner - TAC point, in cooperation with development laboratories, brings you finished products created according to your needs and requirements.

Proven effectiveness

Tested and certified TAC point products bring security and guarantee to our customers, and the result is a commitment to a constant and unified production process and unerring quality control.

Conserving nature

Nature is essential to our lives, and we should do everything possible to protect it. TAC point biodegradable cleaning products are formulated with natural ingredients, so they will not harm the environment and can be safely disposed of after use.

Your business

Whether you are developing your own brand or want to provide your workspace with cleanliness and freshness, TAC point brings you perfect solutions with its customer-oriented business.

About us

Founded in 2016, we have evolved into a reputable household chemicals company that engages in both international and domestic trade. Our success is attributed to careful planning, reliable strategies, and positive relationships with clients and customers.